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Areas of Focus:

My main roles as a coach focus on helping clients to enjoy life, discover who they are, explore and identify what is causing issues, and reconnecting with nature.

Other areas of focus include:

1) Learning coping mechanisms to reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms

2) Developing awareness of core issues that are fueling unhealthy behavior patterns/habits

3) Exploring and connecting with deeper meaning and purpose 

4) Increasing motivation 

5) Creating a healthy and balanced daily routine

Fees for online Coaching sessions

Reduced rate for initial sessions:

$50 for 30min initial session

$100 for 60min initial session

$150 for 90min initial session 

Ongoing rates after initial session:

$70 for 30min session

$125 for 60min session

$175 for 90min session

Packaged deals:

3- 30min sessions=$150

3- 60min sessions=$300

3- 90min sessions=$450

*Sliding scale will also be provided for clients who qualify.

Fees for Coaching/Fishing from shoreline sessions:

Fees for Coaching/Hiking/Nature sessions:

These in person sessions will be provided for clients who live near Lake Travis located in Texas.  

-Locations for coaching sessions provided in Nature

8 different private parks in Lago Vista, Texas

-Locations for shoreline fishing and coaching

Private parks located in Lago Vista, Texas

*Rates for these sessions are the same as stated above for online appointments.

*You will need to have a valid fishing license

Coaching and Fishing sessions from Boat 

Can meet clients at access points throughout lake travis.  However, boat will launch from Cody Park in Lago Vista, Texas due to low lake levels.  Details of this location will be provided if you choose to meet me at this location once session is scheduled.

Fees for Coaching and Fishing sessions from boat will be:

$ 300 for 2 hours


$ 450  for 4 hours

Will be provided:

-Fishing poles 


-Water/soft drinks

Bring with you:

-Fishing License



1903 Owens ln
Lago Vista , TX
United States
Email: allen@caughtinthecurrentcoaching.com
Phone: 15124310567